Ocean Spray

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Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us.

Where can I purchase Ocean Spray products?  
Ocean Spray products can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores across the UK. If you don’t see one of our products in the store, please ask the store manager so they can order and stock it for your convenience.

Why can’t I buy Fresh Cranberries all year? 
We harvest cranberries in the Autumn, filling the fresh produce section of your local supermarket with many of these bright red berries. Cranberries may be frozen, so we suggest that you stock up around November and December to use throughout the year.

How long can I store Ocean Spray Juices & Juice Drinks after they’ve been opened?   Ocean Spray Juice & Juice Drinks do not contain preservatives and must be refrigerated after opening. For best quality and freshness, consume within four days. Please check the ‘best before’ date.

For how long can Ocean Spray products be stored if they haven’t been opened?   Unopened products under normal storage conditions should remain acceptable for six to nine months from the time they are manufactured. This will vary depending on the product. Please check the ‘best before’ date.

Are your juices pasteurised?  
Yes, we pasteurise all our Juices and Juice Drinks to ensure that they are safe for consumers. This heating process eliminates the possibility of harmful bacteria. Please remember to refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness.

What do the words “from concentrate” mean on the label?

Our products are produced by using juices from concentrate. At harvest time, the juice from the fruit is concentrated, a process that removes the water. Then, during the juice drink manufacturing process, water is added along with the juice concentrate.

Are your packages recyclable? 
Most Ocean Spray products are packaged using recyclable glass, cans cartons or PET plastic bottles and are recyclable.

Where can I get nutrition information about Ocean Spray products?  
All of the Ocean Spray products carry the ingredient and nutrition information on the side panel of the label. This information is also available in the our products section of the website.